Workforce Evolution

‘Humans are not driven by digitalization, new work, transformation & other megatrends. They are challenged to consciously perceive, recognize and act. This is about attitude, technique and change. There is a chance and need to fundamentally reassess and redefine work in order to create a new normal.’

We have made it our mission to develop future-oriented structures for organizations and to empower them to make their own organization sustainable and lead it through the transformation - with our unique cloud solution: the Workforce Evolution Designer®. 

In the Concepter, a meta profile of your future organization and workforce is created. The meta profile consists of all the planning units required in the future (‘Future Families’). It lets you develop your individual vision of the future.

The future families developed in the Concepter are then elaborated in detail in the Designer. It includes defining the attributes relevant to the working methods and working culture of the family. The attributes are defined in 8 dimensions, such as the work style.

In the Profiler, the same 8-dimensional methodology is used to create an image of the current organization. The detailed completion of the families is accompanied by the respective employees to generate a precise picture of what your organization is spending its time on and how.

Using a differentiated GAP analysis, you will receive in the Analyser an automated transformation plan, including specific fields of actions, measures and action points. Necessary and optional measures are proposed for the respective transformation areas, e.g. digitalization or work methods.

Workforce Evolution®: The Software

The Workforce Evolution Designer® (W::E®) enables you to perform an innovative, structured and systemic analysis, a sound organizational design and planned organizational development. The software provides answers to the questions raised by the new work dimensions.

Learn how leadership must change in your company in times when teams are increasingly working virtually. Find out which flexible working models are crucial for your business success. Stay agile and flexible by redesigning the processes and the structure of your organization, always oriented towards your individual vision of the future.  

The Workforce Evolution Designer® accompanies the Workforce Evolution® process and is your tool to shape the individual future of your company, to initiate change and to support it in a structured way. It allows you to reduce complexity and enables you to focus on central issues.

Combine organizational development consulting with data-driven insights.

Our holistic approach uses the 8 transformation levers (work qualification, work automation, work commitment, work environment, work culture, work diversity, work personality & work style) that influence people's work. We combine sound consulting experience in organizational development with mature software solution. We enable companies not only to develop a vision for their future but also offer data-driven and people-centric guidance on how to get there step by step. We enable you to leave the concept of yesterday's work behind and redefine work from scratch.

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W::E Designer® // Exemplary Fields of Application

  • Structural and organizational changes
  • Succession planning & recruiting
  • Changing work demands 
  • Employee attractiveness and employer branding
  • New skills & talents
  • Strategic organizational design
  • Strategic personnel planning
  • Changing the business model
  • Use of new technologies
  • New working time models
  • More individualized forms and models of work
  • Discovering new forms of work

Examples of application scenarios 



Fluctuation is a cost driver. Using W::E®, costs are reduced by perfectly matching tasks and people. Measures against fluctuation include management development & the retention of key personnel. W::E® offers insights into changes in leadership roles in different business areas and into the gaps between today's leadership profiles and tomorrow's leadership needs. In addition, the potentials identified in the framework conditions (e.g. creation of flexibility in place and time) offer approaches for increased employee satisfaction and retention.


Cost savings

W::E® manages the increasing complexity of collaboration and processes and creates a uniform, structured view of the future shape of the organization and the resulting transformation tasks. By considering the employees as one of the central planning objects, essential risks (employee integration/communication) are significantly reduced. External risks and changing strategic company decisions have a direct influence on transformation processes. W::E® allows us to react flexibly and always keep the focus on holistic and sustainable planning.

Kosteneinsparung.svgIncreases inefficiency

W::E® translates current market and technology trends into an innovative organizational design to ensure that innovation approaches are recognized early and to allow your company to increase efficiency and innovation activities. At the same time, W::E® facilitates systematic innovation of your organization with focus on selected innovation fields as needed.


Resource planning

Future Task Roles, profiles of future tasks to be performed in the organization, are derived from the future shape of the organization created with W::E®. The tool identifies the workforce required to perform the tasks and matches it against the current workforce through the integrated M::E® module. In this way, W::E® forms the basis for a sustainable strategic organizational design that is aligned with the future shape of the organization.

W::E Designer® // your benefits

  • Increased efficiency of the entire organization as well as individual employees
  • Orientation & future security in changing working environments
  • Cost savings in the future design, transformation and change process, as well as the operation of the organization
  • Reduced fluctuation through improved working conditions and targeted recruiting - as well as through precise matching of tasks & employees
  • Competitive advantages of a future-oriented organization and as an attractive employer
  • Increase in productivity
  • An operationalized picture of the future
  • Alignment of ALL activities towards the future
  • Facilitation of decisions
  • Harmony between people - organization - technology - working environment...

Customer Licence Model

Traditional                                         licensing model


The licence costs are based on the number of employees (headcount) of the legal entity to be planned. It does not matter whether initially only a part of the organization (HR, IT, Finance) is planned by Workforce Evolution® or the entire organization. Depending on the number of employees and the licensing period, we offer various discounts. Please contact us at any time for a specific offer or an initial cost estimate. 


Project-related                                   licence model


The licence costs are based on the number of employees (headcount) of the legal entity to be planned. It does not matter whether initially only a part of the organization (HR, IT, Finance) is planned by Workforce Evolution® or the entire organization. Depending on the project scope, it is possible to agree on individual all-inclusive pricing. The use of Workforce Evolution Designer® is limited to the duration of the project.



Project partners 

project-related                         licence                                                 (time limited)

The project partner acquires a service of Zukunftsagenten for the execution of a project at a customer of the partner. This service is performed by Zukunftsagenten.

Service contents can be: defined packages, individualized workshops for specific questions - also in avatar format, including transfer and development in the Workforce Evolution Designer®. The partner acquires a time-limited licence and access to the Workforce Evolution Designer® for the duration of the project. This licence expires at the end of the project. As a result, the partner has the option of purchasing a partner or company licence in accordance with the licensing model or subsequently ordering data analyses and adjustments separately.



Licence Partner

EXTENDED LICENCE                              FOR OWN                                         CUSTOMER PRODUCTS

The licence partner acquires the right to use the Workforce Evolution Designer® in his own projects for a basic fee. For this purpose, they receive access to the Workforce Evolution Designer® and technical support for a defined number of users, clients, units and associated families. This basic fee is to be agreed individually and depending on the partner company. In addition, training of users on the partner side is required. 





A partner licensed as a reseller can grant his project customers & non-project customers access to the Workforce Evolution Designer® or sell a licence to the customer/prospect. The licence costs are based on the end customer licence commitments; the reseller receives a commission based on the licence revenues.

In addition, training of users on the customer side is required. The licence agreement is concluded between the customer and Zukunftsagenten. The customer receives the same conditions, benefits and services as a direct licensee, since he is equal to the latter in terms of content and contract.



Additional Services

Kick-Off Workshop

In a standardized Kick-Off Workshop as an avatar session, the future of the organization is given the first shape.



Individualized Risk Spots

Based on the W::E® data we determine the individual risk spots of your organization for you. Risks in the area of the degree of digitalization, flexibility or workforce matching. Depending on which risks are the prioritized ones for you.


Work Cluster

For HR, Finance, Production and other areas, there are already pre-built future visions, from a cross-section of the existing data, for which access can be acquired. Which areas are you interested in? Talk to us.



MyEvolution® add-on module is a personnel planning tool for creation of individual personnel profiles, which can ultimately be matched with the future shape of the organization.


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