Which licence models are available?

Information about our licence models can be found here (link to be added). 

It worked with Excel, etc. so far – why buy a tool for it now?

The Workforce Evolution® process and associated tool offer a unique approach to the challenges of the new work dimensions. While programmes such as Excel used to offer a way to manage and calculate data based on key figures, lists, and charts, Workforce Evolution® offers a holistic approach. In addition to conducting a comprehensive analysis, defining objectives along with the necessary core tasks, and capturing the complete actual situation, W::E® provides comprehensive identification of risks along with the necessary changes and determination of the final transformation plan. In addition, both operative and strategic analysis processes in current profiles and core tasks are kept synchronized in W::E®. 

How is the data used by Zukunftsagenten? How secure is my data?

Your data will not be used beyond the agreed scope by Zukunftsagenten GmbH. Should you make use of support services, your data will only be used by Zukunftsagenten GmbH for the purposes associated with the service you have requested. The Workforce Evolution Designer® is a cloud-based SaaS solution. The data is stored in Germany. As a matter of principle, anonymous evaluations are taken from personal data, e.g. employee surveys or interviews. This is done, among other things, in the form of mean value analysis. In cases of strong fluctuations or very inconsistent evaluations, corresponding follow-up surveys are conducted. The data is recorded online during corresponding workshops or through import from qualified Excel files. 

Is W::E® a tool or process?

The proven Workforce Evolution® process forms the basis of the associated tool Workforce Evolution Designer®. 

Can the questions/attributes that define the core tasks be adapted to specific problems/needs? Can you use your own attributes or only the predefined ones? What can be customized?

Yes, you can adapt the questions and attributes that define the core tasks to specific problems and needs. The attributes that define the core tasks are intended to represent the individual problems and needs of your organization. In Designer, a section of the Workforce Evolution Designer®, you can select from the attributes or add further attributes and shape them as needed for your organization. All questions and attributes can be customized. 

Do I have to focus on the entire company from the outset or is there an option to start with selected divisions?

It is possible to focus on selected company units only. If necessary, the concept can be expanded to the whole company afterward. 

How long does it take, according to experience, to develop first results for a field, e.g. a picture of the future?

It always depends on the individual requirements of the company. Experience shows that a picture of the future can be developed within a few months. Please contact us for an individual offer: info@zukunfts-agenten.com

Where is a W::E® project optimally implemented in the company? Which departments/employees are actively involved?

A W::E® project is optimally implemented with the participation of all departments. However, projects can also be implemented in a single division in a goal-oriented manner. All employees who are affected by a W::E® project are actively involved. 

Can I also carry out a W::E® project on my own or is it always necessary to commission the Zukunftsagenten?

A project with Workforce Evolution® can be carried out independently or accompanied by Zukunftsagenten. 

Which support services/collaboration do the Zukunftsagenten and their partners offer in a W::E® project?

There are different ways how Zukunftsagenten and our partners support you in a W::E® project. They vary in their degree of involvement from active implementation of a project to controlling or shadowing. In either case, we offer services tailored to your needs. Please contact us for an individual offer: info@zukunfts-agenten.com

Is the W::E® Process a unique project? Can the results be used further after the implementation of a transformation, for example?

The results of the projects are sent to the customer in digital form. To go through the W::E® process accompanied by the software represents entering into a sustainable transformation process. We recommend continuous use of the Workforce Evolution Designer® due to structural and organizational changes, changing work requirements, and employee attractiveness. The current analysis processes and necessary changes are continuously synchronized and coordinated in relation to the business objectives. 

Does W::E® offer operational added value in addition to strategic output?

Yes, W::E® offers several operational added values in addition to the strategic output. W::E® supports the process to determine which trends will be relevant for the organization in the future. It ensures a stable foundation by creating new (digital) roots and a new strategic and operational environment. On this basis, automation and digitalization projects can be set up and implemented holistically, which is crucial for the success of the projects. Furthermore, W::E® initiates developments in important trend areas. Wherever possible, it creates the conditions for increased virtual collaboration, which makes it possible to organize work locations and working hours more flexibly. 


In addition, W::E® enables a structured approach to designing customized employee policies as well as data to understand job requirements, work style, top retention risks, and optimal work areas for the type of work performed. With W::E® such an adaptation does not become overly expensive, complex or unmanageable. The profiles developed with W::E® enable the definition of a specific picture of the future based on task profiles, the so-called ‘Future Families’. Based on these profiles, W::E® can also be used to create job profiles, among other things, and organizational design in the form of organizational charts can be mapped. Essentially, W::E® manages ‘the future workforce’ by making human resources work in a manner that is more relevant for the individual employee. 

From a technical perspective, what are my options to introduce W::E® in my company?

The Workforce Evolution Designer® is a cloud-based SaaS solution. The software is accessed via the cloud of Zukunftsagenten GmbH or that of our partner SAP or it can be implemented in the company's own infrastructure. 

For which company size does it make sense to use the W::E®?

W::E® supports you in making your organization fit for the future by developing your individual vision of the future and deriving specific measures for action. Whether a project makes sense for your company does not depend on your number of employees but on the challenges and changes that the new working environment poses to your organization. 

Which results do you get directly from the software and which ones do you have to derive?

In the Workforce Evolution Designer®, you create task families that define the future vision of your organization. The tool uses GAP analysis to show you how you can transfer your capacities from ACTUAL to TARGET and where gaps are still open in your company to realize the future vision. In addition, you will learn about action measures that will enable you to close the gaps. 

How are W::E® families, employee profiles and jobs related? What is the difference?

Traditional strategic workforce planning is a proactive approach to aligning an organization's staff with strategic priorities. It enables organizations to analyze their current workforce based on current requirements, identify gaps and develop plans to overcome barriers. However, the nature of work is changing: where does work take place, who or what works, when does work happen, and what skills are required to do it? What happens when these changes occur faster than any planning cycle can keep up with? This is the difference between traditional and future planning. The W::E®-Families represent task bundles and in W::E® they are pronounced both for the ACTUAL SITUATION of the organization and for the future picture of the organization (then we call them ‘Future Families’). One or more ‘Future Families’ result in Job Roles, which can ultimately be matched with employee profiles. This process results in potential and added value from different areas for the company and the employees. It enables a GAP analysis between the current situation and future conditions. 

Is W::E® a tool exclusively for HR?

No, W::E® is a tool that is used by the entire company. 

What is the scientific basis behind it?

The entire work environment is entering a new evolutionary stage. Influenced by the increasing relevance of megatrends such as globalization, flexibilization, individualization, and especially ‘New Work’, organizations are facing major challenges: on the one hand, the work is expected to be transformed to meet the requirements of the markets and the company, and on the other hand, these requirements are somehow supposed to be translated into the organization. With the Workforce Evolution Designer®, the path to the future is decided, analyzed and planned more clearly. The software enables innovative, structured and systemic analysis of companies. This way, the software enables companies to carry out planned organizational development. 

Are there interfaces to other solutions/providers such as SAP?

It is possible to establish interfaces for various third party systems and solutions. Please contact us with your individual inquiry: info@zukunfts-agenten.com

What does the software licence cost?

Information about our licence models can be found here (link to be added). Please contact us for an individual offer: info@zukunfts-agenten.com

Who normally works on the software? Which employees work with W::E®, what is their experience and from which departments do they come?

Every authorized and trained employee can work with the software. For example, departments such as HR can use W::E to control strategy development, operational planning or organizational development. Individual departments can also use W::E to coordinate internal activities, synchronize project plans or identify potential across departments. Also, external consultancies can use W::E. 

Who makes the decision where in the software the checkmarks are set?

The decision is made by every authorized and trained employee. 

If the licence is terminated, to what extent can the content generated up to that point be extracted?

The results of the content developed up to that point are sent to the customer in digital form. 

How long does the training take to use W::E® independently and which professional requirements should the employees have?

The training enables participants to actively shape the work environment of the future and translate megatrends such as digitalization into actionable management models - in a way that suits them and their companies. A high practical component and interactive teaching methods ensure that the taught content is highly practicable. The circle of participants for the continuing education programme is suitable for managers, directors, executives and employees (m/f/d) who want to align their company with the work environment of the future. The scope of the course is 7 days. 

How are the hotline, support and update service organized?

This is how you can reach us: 

Email: support@zukunfts-agenten.com 

Telephone: +49 - 2202 - 95 77 827